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Tracy Christenson

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Hi! I'm Tracy Christenson, currently a student of web design and development and a freelancer. This site documents both my personal and professional projects. To keep my skills sharp while I'm studying, I've been putting together a number of personal sites to show off my different web design skills. I always consider my projects works in progress, so some of these sites will change over time as I update them and refine their designs.

Web Design/Development Skills:


I also have some experience with photography, graphic design, and SEO, and there will be more examples of my work here later.

More About Tracy Christenson

Tracy Christenson

I was born and raised in Arizona, and I have lived here all my life. I'm currently working on an Associate's degree in Web Design and a certificate in Web Development through Mesa Community College, and I have an earlier BA in History from Arizona State University.

I use some of my hobbies as the basis for some of the practice websites that I make for myself. I love history, which is why many of personal web sites have historical themes. My favorite hobbies are reading and games (mainly board games, but really, all kinds of games), but I have many of other hobbies, such as sewing, knitting, juggling, magic tricks, and geocaching. I enjoy the challenge of teaching myself something new from time to time just because I like variety and experimentation.

Part of the fun of having hobby-themed sites is also connecting with other people who share the same interests. I've met many interesting people through some of the sites that I've built. So far, my website about Historical Games has gotten the most attention. I've had some odd questions from people who like my site, fielded inquiries from people asking me to identify old games and even a couple of inquiries from museums, and some encouragement from a man who's a big fan of Chaturanga, the original form of Chess, and who really wants me to add that to the site also. It's going to be awhile before that happens because I want to make some changes to existing parts of the site first, but I have plans. I've also had people who have thanked me for the bibliography pages, of all things, because they were nicely laid out and helped them with other projects, including someone who was helping to set up a Medieval fair and someone who was teaching a summer class. Most of the people who have thanked me for the bibliography pages have contributed a suggestion for additional sources. My bibliography pages include recommended sources as well as the sources that I actually used, so I add reader suggestions and give them a thank you on the main page of my site.

Although I want to have a paying career in web design, I do volunteer work sometimes for non-profit organizations. Currently, I'm helping Treasures 4 Teachers with their Google Ads Grant. In my page of Professional Sites, I explain the site that I designed for New Frontiers For Lifelong Learning, an organization for continuing learning for retirees that is affiliated with Mesa Community College. This site has changed somewhat since I last worked on it because the organization's webmaster makes updates, but my explanation describes my work on the site and the features that I created. Before that, I was helping at Lost Our Home, an animal shelter and boarding facility for dogs and cats, which is how I got my dog, Betty.

Betty is my "Velcro dog" - I cannot go very far without her sticking to me. She is a miniature schnauzer/terrier mix, probably with a little daschund as well. She looks a little like Toto from The Wizard of Oz. She's very shy because she was apparently abused before being abandoned, but she is slowly coming out of her shell. She's a little needy and very spoiled since she started living with me, but she is a good girl!

Betty Dog